Making dreams come true

In life we’re sometimes faced with so many decisions and it’s hard to really know which way to turn, it may seem impossible to make a decision because you may think, what if I fail? This is something that has hit home for me so many times… Fear… that’s what it is, Fear of failing, of ending up in an unknown situation that may be great, but it also may be the worst we’ve ever been in, and what are we going to do if the later one is the outcome to our decision?

Well, here’s what I have learned, you always have a choice, if you’re unhappy, you can either change something, or stay where you are at, and yes, change is scary… but if you don’t, how could you possibly expect different results?

Over a month ago, I made the hardest decision I had yet to be faced with, I decided that I was unhappy where I was… I didn’t like it… I loved my friends and I loved the comfort of knowing everything… but, that was not enough to make me want to stay…. and I also knew that I wanted to be closer to my family, and I wanted to be in a different country.  So, I sold everything I had in the U.S., said goodbye to all of my friends, quit my job and parted onto the adventure of a lifetime…

I visited some family in Uruguay when I left the U.S., discovered so many things… started to understand myself… Felt the love… Saw familiar faces, ate amazing food, and from there on… I went onto my new adventure… Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where I was able to see my parents for a few days, and once I felt comfortable enough, I moved to Barcelona.

Port of Montevideo, Uruguay

I’ve only been in Barcelona for a few days now, but let me tell you something, as much fear as you may have to make this change, to take that decision, and as scary as it all seems… The universe, God, or whatever you believe in, has a way to make things work to your favor… All you need to do is take that step forward… Walk by faith… Yes, I mean it, don’t wait until you find that job, that house, or meet someone to sweep you off your feet, that may never happen… But once you make that decision and you take that first step forward… Everything else has a way to slowly work to your favor… I’ve met some amazing people already, I’ve been able to visit some incredible places I would’ve never even dream of, but I have…. And this is just the beginning…. I can’t wait to see what else is out there for me! So carry on! Make those dreams come true!

2016-08-02 17.14.54
Park Guell,Barcelona




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