Soul searching…

So may be this was not so much a trip I needed to make to make all kinds of money… I’m starting to think that there are other reasons that have led me here, to Spain, to be more precise…

Self discovery through traveling…2016-08-07 22.31.43 As I seat here on my balcony of my new so called “home” or at least home for this month… and stare at the moon… I can’t help but to be grateful that I have such opportunity to do this… I’ve been in Spain for almost a month and at first… my mind was dead set that I needed to work, work as much as I could to make as much money as I could… Well, I think the universe had a different plan.

I’ve applied everywhere, and have gotten… nowhere job wise… and I was starting to get discouraged, and thought, may be I read all the signs wrong…

After a lot of self talking, and TED talks and friend talks, etc. I’ve come to the conclusion that may be and just may be, the timing is not here yet for me to work… and it is actually time for me to enjoy… to walk around this new town… to take time to smell the flowers… to go to the beach and let the waves carry me away from the shore… to float… to try new foods, to learn how to use the metro… to listen to the old people talking while they’re drinking their coffee… May be this is the time to just be careless… To live for the moment… to get as much traveling as I can done, to walk around this city, and to discovery the very little tapas bars, that have the best foods.  And through this discovering of a new city, discover me…

Spent so many

View of Barcelona from Park Guell

years living for what other people think or want… and I lost myself trying to be someone I was not… Kept fighting to fit in, to be normal… And this city, and the people I’ve met so far have taught me this so far… The day has 24 hours… I mean, really? Yeah, I know it… and within those 24 hours… you can do a lot of things, and you can either consume your days doing things you hate, or you can stop, take a look, think about what you want, and then do it…  Or you can spend your days miserable…doing things you don’t like… and living like a “normal” person would…

So, here’s what I’ve decided… I will still try to get a job… I will keep applying, since money is necessary to live… but in the mean time, I will enjoy as much of this city as I can… I will wake up every day with a purpose… with a reason, with new and renewed energies to discover my next adventure… thumb_DSC_0174_1024

So next adventure…. Valencia, Granda, Malaga and Sevilla, Spain… then crossing over to Portugal and going to Faro, Lisboa and a place called “The end of the world”…

And when the time is right, the opportunities will present themselves… To work, to be a normal person, but may be, just may be when they do present themselves, I’ll be a different person… One who is sure of herself, and one who has accomplished a lot, and has faced fears, and has come out on the other side, with a smile on her face.

So to all of you fellow wanderers of the world… Keep exploring… If something doesn’t feel right or good, change it… We’re in this earth to be happy… Find what you love to do, and go for it! Keep working for it… but remember… it’s not about the destiny, it’s about what you see, feel and smell on the way there, so, get distracted, it’s OK… and then, get back on track to accomplish what you desire….


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  1. You will find your destiny, your calling. Keep looking, keep searching, you will find yourself. When you do, everything else will fall into place


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