Enchanted country…

In the last 12 days I’ve visited 6 cities in 2 different countries… 6 amazing cities, each one different from the other; they all had their own little charm, what gave them a little something that you just can’t explain but want to be there… But there’s one country in particular that made me want to stay there forever… And I call it my own enchanted country because I felt like Alice in wonderland… And it’s just everything about it is amazing… There is so much history written on their walls, on their streets, on everything that you see…2016-08-23 12.44.27 And here, you can breath in peace… And you feel so much love… It’s winding roads they are only meant for one car to drive at the time, but somehow they fit two vehicles!And as the bus turns, and I look at the window, I can’t help but to cringe at the thought that we will run into a big stone wall any second! But of course we don’t, and we just keep driving these very narrow winding roads… And as I look outside my window I can see railroads just next to the car road! How can they even make this possible??? I am not sure… Just glad we didn’t have to drive right next to a train! But there’s so much nature… There are so many trees, each one seems to have a different shape, height, even color! And then, just because this was not enough beauty, you see mountains everywhere, and castles… And little houses on top of all these mountains… And then I can see the clouds… 2016-08-23 01.33.34We keep driving up this mountain, and as we get higher up, the view gets more astonishing… And all I want to do is stop there, for one minute, let me take it all in, there’s just too much to see… But none of that is allowed and the bus keeps going… Until we get to a place called Cabo da Roca…

Ahhh! Here’s everything I’ve ever wanted combined in one little secluded place… We walk up to the big cement statue that says “here’s where the land ends and there the sea begins” in Portuguese… And I just need to take a second to wrap my head around this amazing peace of land… This places is the most western point of all Europe… And I can’t help but to stare into the ocean… See how blue the water is… As I look into the horizon, and realize the big bright sun is right there, it almost looks like I could reach out and grab it… And what to say about the cliffs…

They are just so amazing I can’t even begin to describe them, and everywhere you look, there’s something more beautiful than the next; and all you want to do is be able to take a little peace of This amazing place with you… The smell of the ocean… 2016-08-22 19.53.30There’s nothing like it… It’s just an amazing, pure and refreshing smell…

And the clouds… They look like they’re dancing their own little routine of tango or something… They’re so smooth… So in tune with this amazing place… It’s out of this world… And there are so many people around me… But I don’t see them, don’t feel them, don’t hear them… Because something more majestic has taken over me… And I realize my brain has stopped repeating the same dramatic scene it always does… It just can’t… This is such an amazing place that even worst enemies couldn’t argue…

2016-08-22 17.00.59And the food… I don’t even know what to say about the food… Because it’s just heavenly food… It’s so delightful that I could spend hours eating… It doesn’t matter what you eat here, you could have a hamburger and you would love it so so much you would never want to eat anywhere else… There’s a certain season that no one will ever have… And the most simple salad will taste like it was prepared by the gods.

And one final thing… The people… How do I even explain them? They’re so happy, they’re courteous, so friendly… And so calm… But not lazy at all… They’re just not running around like a chicken with their head cut off… They’re talented, everything they do they do it right and with great pleasure… And they truly care… First night I got to this country, 2016-08-22 23.05.30I was lost… Taxi dropped me off at the address I gave him for the hostel… Well, I didn’t see a sign for the hostel… No WiFi, no phone… Nothing… I felt lost and stranded in a country that is not mine, that I can barely understand the language… But can’t really speak it… So, I decided to walk into a restaurant and ask for a phone so I could call… There’s a very nice lady that tries to help me, but she doesn’t understand me… Sign language always works! She says I need to go into a mobile phone store… And I’m wondering why! I don’t need to buy a phone; just need a working one to call the hostel… She walks me out the door… And tells me (in Portuguese) just walk, I will tell you when to turn (anyone who knows me knows I have trust issues) but something felt right about this lady, so I did as she said, I walked until I saw something that looked like a store, I looked back, and the lady was still standing there and signaled me to walk in… I did, and here’s the other hero of my story, he’s Hindi I believe… Speaks really good English! And I tell him everything… He finds me a phone right away and while I’m trying to call the hostel, he grabs the GPS and types in the address… And directs me in the right direction… But I go onto telling him, that’s exactly where I was… but I didn’t see any signs for a hostel… Well, looks at me with a puzzled look, decides to ask one of his customers for help! This woman was just amazing… they all agree I was in the correct address… and we’re all puzzled that the hostel is not there… I just tell him, if I can use the phone, I will call them and figure out what to do.  She looks at me all sad, and tells me her phone has no battery… And he says, well, I think I have a working phone.  That woman wouldn’t leave until she knew that I had found my way… How AMAZING is that? Finally, I get the hostel rep on the line, and yes, address was right… I leave this phone store with a sense of tranquility… If something happens and I can’t make it, this store is my safe harbor… I can always come back, and that’s exactly what this man tells me.

2016-08-22 19.51.08-1This country has given me so much, that I wish I could just somehow let you see just a little bit of what this country is all about… I wish you could walk the streets I walked… Talked to the people I talked to… Smell what I smelled… and taste the amazing foods I was able to enjoy.

This beautiful and enchanted country is Portugal, where people are happy, where they don’t rush to get anywhere, where people talk to you on the train or the bus… where you have a sense of belonging.  In this magic country I felt that I was finally home.


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