A year of changes

Thinking about the whole year… and remembering everything that’s happened… I can’t help but to be grateful for all the tears, all the laughs, all the negative and all the positives…

Amazing friends are always there…

2016 was a very challenging year, full of excitement, and lots of tears… So many people that came into my life, and so many others that walked away… So many people that I had to walk away from… A year that pushed me over the edge and really made me think that I was completely insane. It pushed me to face all of my fears, but also a year that taught me that I was capable of doing anything I set my mind to.

So many things go through my mind as we’re only a few days into this new year.  One of them, how much my life has changed in just a few months.  I look back to this very moment last year, and wonder how I did this, how I ended up where I am…

After all the nights I spent awake, thinking if this was the right decision, if I was going to be able to live in a different country, if I was going to be able to live without so many luxuries, if I was going to be able to make friends here… and if I’d be able to live so far away from the people that I loved…

And after 6 months of living here, I can assure you this:

  • I am alive
  • I have made wonderful friends
  • I have been able to find work
  • I have kept amazing friends
  • I’ve been able to adjust to my new life without so many luxuries
  • I feel free
  • And most importantly, I have had time to think and find myself
Family Christmas with a special guest

And I do not regret for one minute the decisions I made.  Everything I did was because I wanted it, and of course it took time, to adjust, to make friends, to find my way…
Many times I would call a good friend and tell her I was giving up, that I couldn’t do it, that I was moving back… Many times I was tempted to quit trying… But, I didn’t… I kept pushing, I kept knocking on doors, until one day they started opening…

So as this 2017 starts, I am not only grateful for everything that I’ve learned and everything that I have been through but also grateful for all those who have stayed in my life, who have supported me in my dreams and that have helped me keep knocking on doors.

My advice to everyone out there this year is…. Life’s not easy, things don’t always work out the way you want them too… I know you know this! But life also gives you many wonderful surprises, and sometimes all you have to do is wait… Just wait a little longer, but keep working in the meantime to make those dreams come true.  Don’t stop working but have patience… Everything does work out when it’s the right time for it to happen.
Sometimes we need to go through the craziest and most awful experiences so we can finally break down, fall so hard that we don’t think we’ll ever get back up, but when that happens, and we’re at our lowest, magic happens.

Enjoy every minute you have… 

It is when we are faced with ourselves and when we find the most amazing people.  So don’t lose hope this year, keep working… Keep dreaming… Keep living… Live for today, and only for today… Live every moment, savior, smell, feel every single moment… Listen to the birds singing over the rush of the mad traffic, smell the flowers even if they’re covered in snow… See the beauty behind everything… Be positive this year! Be great!



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